Check your Spanish level!

Welcome to your Spanish level test! Choose the correct translation for every sentence. The test increase gradually its difficulty.

Your name
I am Paula, I am from Spain, I work in a school, I am twenty eight years old and I am married.

How are you? I am a bit tired because I did a lot of sport today.

You are a colombian teacher, you are not english.

(formal way)

In the morning, first, he makes the bed and then he takes a shower and gets dressed.

Jesus and Marta didn't like the movie.

What means "tapas"? They are small plates of Spanish food

Antonio likes animal documentaries.

How many languages ​​are spoken in Spain?

Can I have a beer please? And what are the ingredients in the paella?

-Do you know Antonio Banderas? -No, I don’t know him. 

Watching the news makes her sad.

When I left home, I ran into a friend.

I need you to help me clean the house.

I study Spanish because of my job.

Last week I met my coworkers.

This book is for you.

It bothers me when my boss speaks badly to me.

I love people who are happy.

If you want to be happy, learn Spanish.

Go straight and it's at the end of the street on the right.

Don't buy it, do it!

When you come, bring something to eat.

I have been studying Spanish for three months.

Even if it’s raining, we will go running. 

I think there is no more coffee left.

Maybe he's sick.

It used to bother me when my ex-girlfriend didn't want to go out with my friends.

I didn't know that it was a mistake.

I was worried you didn't want me to come.

If you had told me to do it, I would have done it.