A1 Level Test

Welcome to your A1 Level Test

Good evening

Good night

Good morning, how are you?

Can you speak slower, please?

What does "thank you" mean?

Where are you from?

What do you do?

How old are you?

What do you do in your free time?

I like to do sports.

I like you.

Do you have a partner?

I am married.

I am a little tired.

My name is Paula, I am Spanish and I work in a school.

You are Sofia and Maria, you are Argentines and architects.

I speak a little French and write English very well.

I study Portuguese because my husband is Brazilian.

In Cuba I want to go on an excursion, go out to dinner, meet people and go party.

Do you want to come to eat at my house tomorrow?

I don't know how to play soccer.

You ask the waiter for food and I go to the bathroom.

I have a friend who sings very well.

I wake up at seven, but I get up at five minutes past seven.

At half past seven, I have breakfast and then, I brush my teeth before leaving home.

I catch the bus to go to work and arrive at the office at half past eight.

I always wash my hands when I get home.

What is the typical food of Mexico?

What is the weather like?

It rains a lot now and tomorrow it is going to snow.

It's cold and it's cloudy.

It's twenty-eight degrees , I'm very hot.

I get along very well with my mother, she is very nice and intelligent.

I get angry with irresponsible people.

Your cousin has blond hair, he is short and very strong. He always has a beard.

How much does that shirt cost?

Is there a bank nearby?

The food is delicious.

To make the gazpacho, first clean the tomatoes and then peel them.

This year I have been in Peru.

Have you already visited Barcelona?

I have always studied English.

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