Comedy series in Spanish (Netflix)

Three Spanish comedy series, ordered by levels, to practice your listening comprehension.

I bring you three trendy series to practice your Spanish and have fun on Netflix. Comedy is a fantastic genre to get closer to the daily life of a culture because it normally makes humor with the simplest and most everyday actions of people’s lives. This will allow you to learn colloquial vocabulary, analyze the interactions of speakers such as social hierarchy, gestures, emotions, tones of voice and other reactions depending on the context. In addition, you will also learn a lot of cultural references about characters, historical events and even music of a country.
In short, a comedy recreates a better communicative context closer to the real life than a genre of police, suspense (thriller) or wars, for example.

First of all, two important questions, first: Have you already downloaded the app to learn languages ​​with Netflix that allows you to have two subtitles?
Second: Do you know in which level can we start watching series in original version?

Having clarified this, I recommend these three comedies that everyone talks about in Spain, arranged by levels, to practice your listening comprehension in a relaxed and enjoyable way:

Initial level (A1-A2): La casa de las flores

This comedy series has two important characteristics, it is Mexican and it has a touch of drama. Being Mexican, the characters speak slower, so it is more suitable for initial levels. The drama takes place in a funny story related to a beautiful flower shop, money, family, bisexuality, transsexuality and drug addiction… In fact, it is said that a new genre has been born with this series called “the millennial soap opera” (for millenials). It will not leave you indifferent. The soundtrack includes great anthems from Spanish and Mexican festivals. There are challenges in social networks to imitate the particular voice of the beloved character Paulina de la Mora… watch the series and find out why.

Intermediate level (B1): Valeria

A series based on the erotic romantic novel by Elisabet Benavent, a famous writer among Spanish girls. It perfectly portrays the life of a girl close to her thirties in the city of Madrid with her group of friends. Valeria, the main character, is in existential crisis both with her work and with her partner, she needs to know herself in order to change her life and fight for her true dream: to be a writer.

Advanced level (B2-C1): Paquita Salas

Paquita or Paca is a traditional and affectionate name (when she uses the diminutive -ita) for the Spanish name Francisca. This protagonist was one of the most famous manager of actors in Spain in the 90’s. She struggles to stay in the show business, but it is difficult because nowadays she is a bit.. old-fashioned. However, you are going to fall in love with her and her team because they are all so funny, authentic and passionate about her work. The characters speak fast and include many cultural references and jokes, so it is recommended at advanced levels. If you dare to see it, despite its difficulty, you will experience a very real immersion in the humor and idiosyncrasy (way of being and seeing the world) of the most traditional Spain.

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